All the Financial Advice you will need on an Index Card

Rule #1 – Strive to save 10% to 20% of your Income

Rule # 2 – Pay your Credit Card Balance In-Full every month

Rule #3 – Max Out your 401(k) and/or other Tax-Advantaged Savings Accounts

Rule #4 – Never Buy Individual Stocks (unless your portfolio is in excess of $1.5 mil.)

Rule #5 – Buy inexpensive, well-diversified Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s)

Rule #6 – Make your Financial Advisor commit to the Fiduciary Standard

Rule #7 – Buy a Home when you are financially ready

Rule #8 – Have four times (4X’s) your monthly cash outflow in an emergency money-market account

Rule #9 – Insurance-make sure you are protected – manage the risks you cannot sustain yourself

Rule#10 – Don’t Forget the Index Card

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